Pixtron Terms of Service

Pixtron is a Slovenian Minecraft server, it is a safe place for everyone. It was made to play our favorite game and bring people together.

Donations are intended for the server's maintenance and development. With a donation, you will receive ranks as a thank-you gift, as well as various visual, useful items and accessories in the game.

Our store is powered by Crafting Store, you can read more here: Privacy Policy | Terms of Service

Donations are entirely voluntary and are intended only for the server's improvement and maintenance.

Pixtron is not responsible for the consequences of incorrectly entered data.

Once a player donates to the server the money cannot be refunded, even if Pixtron goes down temporarily or permanently.

If you are a minor, you are agreeing that you have parental permission to donate.

By using our online store, you agree to all of our and Crafting Store's internal rules and regulations.

We are not responsible for any misunderstanding of the English language when reading the

Crafting Store Terms.

We cannot see your bank infromation.

Lifetime rank is valid until the end of the server.